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The story of the victims is not finished yet.

‘Painscapes’, despite having been launched, is still incomplete. Not all mass graves have been discovered and many may still be kept under covers by the government. The Iranian authorities are continuously trying to destroy the graves or build over them, in turn, threatening not only the memories of the mass atrocities but also its realities. But for people who have lost loved ones and have survived the atrocities, the wounds are still fresh. Families are still looking for those who disappeared and whose records are nowhere to be found. People are still holding out hope to find those whose existence the government denies. There is still a lot to be learned.

By increasing the extent of our research, you will help more and more victims tell their stories to a wider global audience. This would pressurise the Iranian government to remove the perpetrators from power and maybe even bring them to justice. Above all, it will allow Iran’s history to be preserved accurately in honour of all its victims.

With your help and support, we can campaign tirelessly in pursuit for truth and justice. Together we can stand in solidarity with the victims of the enforced disappearances to make a difference.

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