Masjed Soleyman, Tolbozan

Near the village of Tolbozan, which is en-route to Masjed Soleyman, there is a concreted area with five large bumps. One of the stones reads: “Ali Jom’e Sbazedel, 1988”. Since Sbazedel was a political prisoner from Masjed Soleyman, executed in 1988, it is believed that the other four – unmarked – bumps also conceal the graves of political prisoners from Masjed Soleyman killed in the same year.

The unusual size of the bumps and absence of other names have convinced locals that the bodies of more than four prisoners are buried there. Around 20 to 30 political prisoners were executed in Masjed Soleyman during the 1988 massacre. However, only a few of their families were given the location of their graves in the cemeteries of Masjed Soleyman. Many others have not been provided with any information about where their loved ones might be buried.

To see the exact location of the mass grave, you need to zoom in.

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