Salvage What Now Remains in Seyed Amir Cemetery of Those Who Were Taken in 1980s

August 14, 2018

  • If you are in Ahwaz or Ramhormoz, you can visit the mass grave site in Seyed Amir Cemetery which is, located on the Ahwaz-Omidiyeh Highway, next to the Darvish military training camp. There you can see a part of your homeland’s history being threatened to be wiped out.

The approximate location on Google Map

How can you help to prevent historical amnesia?

  • Take photos and videos of the site and contribute to preserving history and facts.
  • Share photos and videos on your social media accounts, or send them to us to be published under your name or anonymously.
  • Write down and publish how you felt when visiting the site.
  • Recommend your friends to go to the place and take photos and videos of the grave site.

Through collective resistance, we will not let a part of our history be forgotten and stand in solidarity beside the families of victims.

Click on this page for more information about this mass grave.