Young Mothers, White Hair

August 15, 2018

Iranian Kurd Seyyed Moradi recalls the 1988 Prison Massacre and tells the story of his family’s ordeal. After his brothers, Kamal and Jabbar, were detained and summarily executed by Iranian authorities, Mr. Moradi’s family was tortured and denied their rights to truth and justice. Deprived of information on Kamal’s and Jabbar’s whereabouts, the family had to embark on a grim excursion into nearby villages and wilderness, searching for their loved ones remains. They exhumed Kamal’s body from a shallow mass grave and gave him a proper burial. Despite their investigations, they never found Jabbar’s remains.

Mr. Moradi’s story is about a crime for which there’s been no redressal or accountability. Three decades have passed since the infamous massacre and still no perpetrators have been brought to justice.