Urgent Action: Don’t Allow the Destruction of Mass Grave Site in Rudsar

August 17, 2018

A few years ago, construction work started on Rudsar Shohada Boulevard in a place believed to be the mass grave site of the 1988 massacre victims. A trade centre is supposedly under construction. If it continues, Rudsar mass grave will be hidden forever from public access and view.

Mass graves and disappeared individuals buried therein constitute a part Iran’s history which is being censored, hidden, and distorted by the authorities. Mass grave sites should be preserved as crime scenes until investigation can be carried out by independent experts.

The approximate location of Rudsar suspected mass grave on Google Map

  • Recording and collecting evidence and documents about the destruction of mass graves is crucial and helps in preventing it. Take photos and videos of the site and contribute to preserving history and facts.
  • Share photos and videos on your social media accounts, or send them to us to be published under your name or anonymously.
  • Write down and publish how you felt when visiting the site.
  • Recommend your friends to go to the place and take photos and videos of the gravesite. Through collective resistance, we will not let a part of our history be forgotten and stand in solidarity with the families of victims.

Click on this page for more information about Rudsar mass grave.