No Light at the End of the Tunnel

August 26, 2018

Ebrahim Rahmanian testifies about the activities of the notorious Qanat Group, a pro-Islamic Republic death squad in Jahrom, Iran. The Group would execute political opposition group members and homosexuals by firing squad, and let the dying victims fall into qanats, the surface openings of Iranian underground aqueducts.

According to Ebrahim, the Qanat Group was formed by significant political and religious figures in order to eliminate the Islamic Republic’s opposition in Jahrom. Some locals were mortified and traumatized after the witnessing of this groups’ actions, he states, and others would use the name Qanat Group to threaten each other. Ten qanats within Jahrom, according to Ebrahim, are potentially mass grave sites.

During the 80’s Iran’s authorities systematically executed individuals they perceived as their political opposition. The remains of these massacre victims can be found in 120 confirmed and suspected mass grave sites around Iran. Three decades later, many families are still seeking truth and justice, as the Islamic Republic continues to deny accountability for these crimes against humanity.