A Gone Generation

August 26, 2018

Bahram was wrongly accused and imprisoned in 1987 by Iranian officials, for having housed a member of a political opposition party in Qaemshahr. In his testimony, he describes the physical and psychological torture of his family, both in and out of prison, and the pain others his community endured at the hands of the Islamic Republic’s authorities.

According to Bahram’s testimony, 41 other political prisoners were executed together with his sister on the same night. He says countless others were forcibly disappeared during 1988.

The crimes against humanity known as the 1988 Prisoner Massacre in Iran, saw the lives of some 4,000-5,000 political prisoners destroyed. Like so many survivors and families of victims, Bahram doesn’t exactly know where his sister’s and friends’ remains are. Thirty years after a generation of political prisoners fell victim to an atrocity, for which there has yet to be justice or accountability, individuals like Bahram are still searching for the truth.