A Well of Bodies

August 26, 2018

Arrested the day after his 17th birthday, Mohammad Hoshi spent the next 7 ½ years of his life as a political prisoner. Mohammad recalls he brutality of the IRGC in Isfahan. He tells of countless instances of torture and enforced disappearances around the city during the 80s, carried out by IRGC agents like Mehdi Hashemi.

Mehdi Hashemi’s gang of government thugs would take victims to a garden near Qahdarijan. In that garden, Mohammad says, the IRGC tortured and executed abducted the people and dumped their remains into several wells.

In this testimony, Mohammad remembers five members of the Taheriun family in Isfahan – brothers whose enforced disappearances made their mother a well-known figure in the city. “Mother Taheriun” would visit the Forensics Institute daily, looking for information on her sons.

Mohammad Hoshi’s testimony serves as a reminder for the atrocities committed by Iranian authorities during the 80s. He explains how no records exist for the disappeared Taheriun brothers.