Take action: Stop the destruction of mass graves in Mashhad

March 8, 2018

In recent years, construction initiatives to build individual graves or buildings have begun in two of the three locations, in Mashhad’s Behesht-e Reza cemetery, where the families of 1988 massacre victims believe there to be mass graves. If these construction activities continue, the mass graves in Mashhad will become inaccessible and invisible to the public, effectively and permanently.

Mass graves and the remains of executed individuals within them are parts of Iran’s history that the authorities have forever tried to hide, censure, and falsify. Moreover, the mass graves are evidence of crimes and must be preserved and protected until independent experts are provided access to them for investigations.

  • If you are in Mashhad, go to the mass graves located at the edges of Behesht-e Reza, Mashhad’s main cemetery. There you will see a part of this country’s history which authorities are trying hard to erase.

Caption: A Google Earth image showing the locations of mass graves in Mashhad, Iran


  • Take photos and videos of the site and contribute to preserving history and facts.
  • Share photos and videos on your social media accounts, or send them to us to be published under your name or anonymously.
  • Write down and publish how you felt when visiting the site.
  • Recommend your friends to go to the place and take photos and videos of the gravesite. Through collective resistance, we will not let a part of our history be forgotten and stand in solidarity with the families of victims.