Iran: Mass Grave Site in Danger of Disappearance from the Public Sight

July 13, 2017

Marked by a long horizontal concrete block, the mass graves of the 1988 massacre in Ahwaz are deliberately hidden from sight covered by household refuse and construction debris.

Footage taken by an amateur camera-person on 6 July 2017 shows that the authorities have transferred more construction waste into much closer proximity of the grave. If it continues, the entire grave site will be covered by construction debris and vanish from the public sight forever.

Over the course of less than two months, thousands of political prisoners were extra-judicially executed and secretly buried in unmarked or mass graves in summer 1988. It is believed that the three mass graves in Ahwaz, southwest of Iran, contains the remains of at least 44 of them.

In June 2017, Amnesty International and Justice for Iran raised serious concern on the desecration of the mass grave sites in a joint press release.