Do not let the disappeared be forgotten in Qaemshahr

May 11, 2018

  • You can visit this mass grave site in Seyed Nezamaddin Cemetery in Qa’em Shahr. The cemetery is located in Mojaver Mahalle on Seyed Nezamaddin Avenue. There, you can witness a part Iran’s history being threatened with destruction.

To find the exact location of the mass grave, you can ask cemetery staff for the grave of Hossein Hormatipour.

Approximate location via Google Maps

  • Take photos and videos of the site, and contribute to the preservation of historical facts.
  • Share photos and videos on your social media accounts, or send them to us to be published anonymously or with credit given to you.
  • Write down and publish how you felt while visiting the site.
  • Encourage your friends to visit the site and collect photos and videos of the mass graves. Through our collective resistance, we will not allow a part of our history be forgotten and will stand in solidarity with the victims’ families.

Click here for more information about this mass grave.