Evidence revealed the deliberate destruction of mass graves in Iran

April 30, 2018

Sweden-based Mynewsdesk released an article on the destruction of mass grave sites in Iran on April 30, 2018. The summary reads as follows:

Thousands of political prisoners from across Iran were executed secretly in the summer of 1988 and their bodies were buried in unmarked mass graves. To eradicate the forensic evidence of the crime, Iranian authorities have deliberately destroyed the grave sites. A number of actions to desecrate or damage the sites include bulldozing, building roads and houses over mass graves, and turning the mass grave sites into rubbish dumps.

In a report recently published, Amnesty International and Justice for Iran have documented the destructions through photographic and video evidence, satellite imagery and reports from reliable sources.

Justice for Iran estimates that there may be 120 locations across Iran that contain the remains of victims of the 1988 prison killings. The report has examined the situation of seven confirmed or suspected mass grave sites which underwent destruction between 2003 and 2017.